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4 Golf Inspired Men’s Designs

Golf Attire for Men

Whenever you are trying to look your best and show off with style, Hole In One Production has all the golf-inspired apparel you need! Our clothing line has been designed with amazing golf-related themes that show your love for golf.


A man wearing a comfortable hoodie with a golf line created by Hole in One Productions.

The Right Hoodie

Whenever you are in the mood to play a couple of holes or practice your swing and the day is a bit chilly, our hoodies are a great way to enjoy the game without having to power through a windy and cold day.


A man wearing a short-sleeved shirt that has a golf-inspired line designed by Hole in One Productions.

Golf Shirts for Every Occasion

Whether you want to wear long-sleeve shirts for the overcast days or have a short-sleeve tee for when the summer hits, you can check out our many designs. Our many different phrases and designs will set the tone for your golfing day.

 A white golf hat with a golf-inspired line created by Hole in One Productions.

Sun Protection for the Sunny Days

There’s no doubt that going out to the range or an 18-hole course on a beautiful, sunny day is ideal. One thing that you should consider when doing so is to have the right headgear to protect your eyes from the sun that way you can hit every drive and putt without a problem.

  A coffee mug created by Hole in One Productions with a golf design printed on it.

The Morning Before Going Golfing

When you have plans with your friends to go golfing, waking up is always exciting knowing that you’ll be hitting the golf course and have an amazing time. Make sure you are energized and ready to go with a cup of coffee or tea served in one of our cool mugs, like the “Designated Driver Mug”.


No matter what your apparel preferences are, if you love golfing, Hole In One Production brings you a line of clothing and accessories that will match your love for the game. Check out our store today and purchase one of our many items with amazing golf-inspired designs!